Welcome to 2BITE Consulting

2BITE Consulting is a business consultancy firm specializing in Investor Relations, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. With extensive experience in working with start-ups, we now offer exclusive Management Consulting to start-ups.

We live in an era where technological disruptions are the new purple cows. In particular, Fintech has become the flavour of the century and Singapore is quickly becoming the regional start-up hub. At 2BITE, we recognize this new era – and we welcome it.

We believe that it is no longer the strongest that will survive, but rather, the businesses who will have the last laugh are those who are able to evolve and stay relevant in the long run. In other words, despite today’s vastly altered business environment, 2BITE is able to help companies navigate this fast-paced playing field. It is our goal, therefore, To Bring Iridescence To Enterprises, with quick 2-bite solutions.

To find out more about how we can help your company become an organization that ensures: 1) prompt and transparent communications with the public and stakeholders; 2) solid deliverables; and 3) sound reputation, get in touch with us!

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